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Committed to Stopping Wildfires

Brian with CAL FIRE at Fiddletown Road Fuel Reduction Project he advocated for. Butte Fire Butte Fire morning briefing Surveying Butte Fire destruction Plymouth Sand Fire Sup.Oneto (center) organized local businesses and volunteers who gave their time, equipment and money for Lockwood Fire Protection Station 1's new approach. Amador County faces the constant threat of catastrophic wildfires. As a lifelong rancher and farmer, Brian Oneto knows that standing up for our rural way of life means protecting our communities, our forests and our private property from fire threats.

Recently, we have all seen first hand what a raging, out-of-control wildfire in heavy fuels can do to a community. Case in point: Butte Fire and other recent major fires in California.

Brian has had personal experience with wildfires, personally digging fire lines with a bulldozer and felling trees during fires to help stop fires in the Mother Lode and Northern California. As your District 5 Supervisor, Brian's been on the front lines of county efforts to improve fire safety for us all, collaborating closely with local fire safety experts.

  • Brian Oneto helped to put full-time firefighters in many local fire stations (Measure M), and to give them the tools and water resources they need to fight large fires and respond to local emergencies.

  • Led county acquisition of key property that Lockwood Fire Protection District needed to allow Station 1 to operate effectively.

  • Helped acquire two new water tanker trucks that are critical to fighting large wildfires.

  • Brian worked in acquiring a new 4x4 fire engine that better serves Pine Grove and the up country area.

  • Brian has a good working relationship with the Amador Fire Safe Council.

  • Directed federal funding to the Amador Fire Safe Council's Community Wildfire Protection Plans that are critical for our safety.

  • Strongly opposed the State SRA Fire Fee ("Tax") imposed on us - thankfully repealed now.

  • Advocated with CAL FIRE for the current fuel reduction project between Quartz Mountain and Fiddletown Road, creating an important fuel break to help provide firefighters the ability to stop a fire.

  • Safety is of the utmost importance and Brian Oneto will continue to work hard for District 5.


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