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Public Safety

County Health Services

Brian has supported the development and delivery of basic health services provided by Amador County for many years. The county plays an important role in public health, making a difference in the lives of many people. These critical services include programs to address:
  • Substance abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Mental Health issues
  • In Home Supportive Services for the elderly
  • Meals on Wheels Program


The subject of marijuana use and production in the county is a complex and controversial issue that cannot be ignored. The county must play an important role in balancing the legal and regulatory requirements of the State and Federal governments while respecting the rights and meeting the needs of our citizens and ensuring public safety.

As District 5 Supervisor, Brian has gained an appreciation for the use of medical marijuana. A number of his constituents and personal friends have shared with Brian how medical marijuana has alleviated their medical problems when other avenues of relief did not.

At the same time, Brian remains strongly opposed to the commercial growing of marijuana in Amador County. He has stayed in close contact with his counterparts and others in Calaveras County, who report many problems resulting from the decision there to allow commercial grows. These problems include: increased crime, chemical pollution and poisoning of the land and waters, unauthorized land conversion and alteration of watercourses, unpleasant air quality, and more. These results affirm and reinforce Brianís position that commercial growing should not be allowed in Amador County.

Importantly, it is obvious that marijuana is an on-going issue. The conflicts between Federal and State government policies are not going away soon, and the County must do its part to regulate marijuana production under State law. It will require a clear understanding of the issues and common sense solutions that will work for Amador County.


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