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Shake Ridge Road Storm Damage
The man is standing on remainder of road
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Repairing section of Shake Ridge Road that dropped
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Aftermath of January 2017
Winter Storm
Sutter Creek-Volcano Road
Brian Oneto has been a fierce advocate for fixing our roads. He has secured state and federal grant funding and has pushed hard on fixing emergency situations in his district as quickly as possible. He has advocated at the State level for more funds. Brian has helped to get more road money through acquiring grants. In fact, 45% of our Public Works budget is grant funded.

A major failure of upper Shake Ridge Road is now repaired after winter storms caused a huge section of the roadway to slump away and other sections to drop. Getting it fixed quickly was a high priority for Brian.

Brian has successfully worked in collaboration with the City of Plymouth to acquire Federal HSIP funding for Improvements to the dangerous "Y" intersection at Fiddletown and Shenandoah Road which will begin Spring of this year and should take approximately 90 days.

Brian understands the frustration being felt over the condition of our roads and shares those concerns. We all have loved ones on our local roads. A lot of money we, as taxpayers, pay in taxes and fees is diverted by Governor Brown, such as the recent Tens of MILLION's for Sanctuary State costs. Before that, and still ongoing, The Bullet Train is costing billions of dollars which could have been used to fix rural roads.

Our roads need to be as safe as possible. Brian has been instrumental in obtaining equipment such as a snow blower to help with heavy snows upcountry and a transfer truck so more materials can be hauled faster, as well as helping to acquire an asphalt grinder that makes patching roads quicker, better and cheaper. Brian helped acquire a 4-wheel drive Skip Loader which does a lot better job than the 2-wheel drive the county had. Efficiencies like these help stretch our limited funding for roads.

Many people have inquired about the round-about intersection in Plymouth - it is not a county project. It is a City of Plymouth project.

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