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Meet Brian

Brian Oneto is a rancher, businessman and dedicated tax fighter.

Brian is deeply committed to his community and his fellow taxpayers. He is known as a forthright, hardworking individual who cares about District 5 residents and is passionate about serving as advocate to sustain and improve their quality of life.

As your District 5 Supervisor, Brian has worked tirelessly to support local jobs, reduce bureaucracy, improve fire protection, defend your property rights, cut wasteful spending and provide strict financial oversight of your county tax dollars.

Brian has often stated, "One of the best things government can do is leave residents alone, but be there when needed. Government should not micromanage our lives."

As a lifelong 4th generation Amador County resident, Brian is proud to continue in the family tradition of working the land - a tradition begun by ancestors who had the foresight to settle here over 150 years ago. He knows and respects the history of our county, but most importantly, respects his constituents. Brian has been dedicated to being your District 5 Supervisor for almost 12 years.

Brian belongs to many organizations, including: NRA - protecting our 2nd Amendment, Forest Land Owners of California, R-Calf Cattleman Association, Italian Benevolent Society, Amador County Fair Foundation, Amador County Farm Bureau, Honorary Member of the Plymouth-Foothills Rotary Club, and many more.

Brian, his wife Janine, and children live on their working ranch in Drytown - only 10 miles from where Brian grew up. Brian and Janine are raising their family with Christian values and are currently attending The Call Church in Pine Grove. "I have young grandkids that are now calling Amador County their home and it's a real good feeling", states Brian, "Preserving this county's attributes is important to me."

The confidence shown to him by his constituents has once again motivated Brian to run for re-election. Brian loves Amador County, knows the people, the land, and issues inside and out and has great respect for his constituents. Brian is committed to fighting for the values that make Amador County a special place to call home.


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