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Families and Community

Brian at Knight Foundry
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Amador Peace Officer's Association Officer and Citizen of the Year Award's Dinner
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Scot's Candlelight Christmas Walk in Volcano
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Tree removal in River Pines
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Brian Oneto is a fourth-generation family farmer who is deeply committed to our community.

As our county supervisor, Brian helped ensure our tax dollars were returned to our community to support our kids and families. Some of the community causes include:

  • Worked in collaboration with the City of Plymouth, District 5 Veterans, The American Legion, Amador Vintners, and other community organizations and citizens to get the Plymouth pool fixed.
  • Supported on-going improvements to the Plymouth Veteran Memorial Park
  • Helped fund scholarship programs for high school students to be used for college expenses.
  • Supported the Fiddletown Community Center
  • Worked to get River Pines Public Utility District a Community Develop Planning Grant greatly improving their ability to receive future funding for needed improvements to their water system.
  • Supported the repairs and painting of the Pine Grove Town Hall
  • Worked to ensure the library would remain open in Plymouth
  • Supported Farms of Amador/Farmer's Market
  • and many others

In addition, some of the areas Brian has personally donated to are: Lockwood Fire Protection District, AA Shooters, Amador Stars, Operation Care, Plymouth Elementary PEP Club, Battalion 20 Firefighters Association, Member and donator to the Amador County Fair Foundation since its inception, Kennedy Mine, Knights Foundry, Hospice, saw logs to the historic saw mill at Plymouth Fairgrounds, supported the kids livestock auctions at the county fair, donated to ACDS & 2nd Generation, support Amador County FFA Ag Boosters, ACART, Amador County Historic Cemetery Board, Fiddletown Community Center, and other worthy causes.


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