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Brian Oneto would like to thank supporters for endorsing him as Amador County District 5 Supervisor. It is with your help and suggestions that District 5, and Amador County as a whole, will continue to thrive under conservative, common-sense leadership.

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Organizational affiliations are listed for identification purposes only and do not imply the organization's endorsement.

All names are listed with permission.

Joan Edson, Pine Grove 
Howard Edson, Pine Grove
Larry Becker, Plymouth
Anne Heissenbuttel, Pine Grove
John Heissenbuttel, Pine Grove
Janet Williams, Plymouth
Earl Williams, Plymouth
Diana Hanson, Volcano
Craig Hanson, Volcano
Jeffrey Cartwright, Plymouth

"Brian Oneto supports small businesses and fights against more restrictions and regulations. Join us in voting for Brian as our District 5 Supervisor!"

Lonnie and Lydia LeBel, Sutter Creek
Amador Creamery Celebrating 39 years as a small business in Amador County

Lacy Patten, Volcano
Tom Patten, Volcano
Paula Gunter, Drytown
Gene Gunter, Drytown
Linda Miller, Plymouth
Bob Miller, Plymouth
Carol Scarrone, Plymouth
Melvin Cossairt, Plymouth
Jeanne Deaver, Plymouth
Ken Deaver, Plymouth
Irene Mason, Drytown
Jim Spinetta, Plymouth
Catherine Cowan, Plymouth
Rob Cowan, Plymouth
Lloyd Pendleton, Volcano

"Brian has always been very open and willing to work on any issues brought forth. He has worked hard to keep Amador County a rural community to live in. Brian is always open to suggestions, solutions and action. I support Brian Oneto for District 5 Supervisor."

Bill Braun, Plymouth

Helen Glage, Plymouth
Kelly Zaccaria, Fiddletown
Church Zaccaria, Fiddletown
Richard Bohn, Fiddletown
Shirley Helmer-Lampson, River Pines
Dorothy McCammond, Fiddletown
Wayne McCammond, Fiddletown
Marti Mondana, Plymouth

"Brian Oneto - proven leadership for District 5. His representation on agricultural issues is tried and true."

Don Potter, Plymouth

Lin Sanders, Fiddletown
Rick Sanders, Fiddletown
Michael T. McEnroe,  Amador City
Andy Assereto, Volcano
Janet Croce, Volcano
John Croce, Volcano

"Brian has always been very open and willing to work on any issues brought forth. He has worked hard to keep Amador County a rural community to live in. Brian is always open to suggestions, solutions and action. I support re-electing Brian Oneto for District 5 Supervisor."

Rich Martin, Plymouth

Katie Garfinkel, Plymouth
Jim Garfinkel, Plymouth
Dick Yost, Volcano
Tammy Anderson, Sutter Creek
Jim Anderson, Sutter Creek
Marilyn McDanel, Fiddletown
Carl McDanel, Fiddletown

"We recently moved to District 5 in Amador County and were faced with an issue.  As our Supervisor, Brian Oneto was very accessible and represented us well."
  John and Mercedes Somerville, Plymouth

Helen Garibaldi, Sutter Creek
Peter Garibaldi, Sutter Creek
Donna Oakleaf, River Pines
Larry Becker, Plymouth
Tammy Anderson, Sutter Creek
Jim Anderson, Sutter Creek
Lila Grover, Plymouth
Howard Grover, Plymouth

"As individuals we have a responsibility to our community. Brian has shown his willingness to support the efforts of individuals and community projects to improve Amador County. He has been responsive to our questions with knowledgeable and timely feedback. We support Brian for Supervisor of the 5th District.

The LaBuda's, Sutter Creek

"I have reiterated before that Brian Oneto works hard as our District 5 Supervisor inside and beyond the farm gate. Since 1852, my family has been farming in Amador County. Angela and I know that Brian takes steps to ensure success for agricultural endeavors and protection of our rights."

Jim and Angela Spinetta, Shenandoah Valley

Brad and Suzanne Van Spanje, Plymouth
Joe Coughlin, Drytown
Graci Gunter, Plymouth
Tamara Hobbick, Plymouth
Brian Hobbick, Plymouth
Ed Westjohn, Volcano
Heather Stroback, Volcano
Edwin Lawson, Plymouth
Eric Sauer, Drytown,
Lynette Nelson, Drytown

"Brian Oneto looks out for the interest of our young families and supports community events."

Marni and Michael Piatnik, Fiddletown

Terry Sanders, Volcano
M.E. Wrigley-McCollum, Volcano
B. Layne McCollum, Volcano
Terry Coulter, Plymouth
Patricia Shackleton, Plymouth
Zelma Veteto, Plymouth

"Brian Oneto has my full support for District 5 Supervisor. He genuinely has the best interest and overall experience to lead Amador County into the future."

Ella Bender, Volcano

Mary Ghormley, Drytown
Dixie Booth, Plymouth
Jenny Bolin, Sutter Creek
Phillip Bolin, Sutter Creek
Carl Brown, Jr, Volcano
Joe Ferrani, Volcano
Bill Hoffman, Plymouth
Tracy Hoyt, Plymouth
Gareth Hoyt, Plymouth
John Giannini, Sutter Creek
Susie Finch, Plymouth
Dwayne Littlefield, Plymouth
Steve Crocker, Drytown
Devon Hand, Volcano
David Hand, Volcano


"Brian is the guy who is there when you need him!"

Rocky Raymond, River Pines

Anna J. Lawrence, Plymouth
Lawrence Murphy, Pine Grove
Gloria Scharein, Sutter Creek
Perley Schmidt, Jr., River Pines
Garth Hoyt, Plymouth
Carle Colapietro, Plymouth
Ben Huntsman, Plymouth
Lucy Ruelas, Plymouth
Debra Lee, Volcano

"It has been a pleasure and a blessing to have known Brian and his family for over 20 years. He is an honest man with traditional values who will do his darndest to treat everyone with respect and fairness. I believe he is an asset to the ever changing and growing Amador County. We are honored to endorse him for his re-election for County Supervisor."

Stevens and Jan Price, Pioneer

David Helwig, Plymouth
Mary E. Welshans, Fiddletown
Michael Gardner, River Pines
Elizabeth Whittington, Volcano
Herman Whittington, Volcano
Fran White, Plymouth
Marcia Cole, Plymouth
John Bergeron, Pine Grove
Janet Bergeron, Pine Grove


"Brian has always been interested in the Amador wineries and we have met and talked over the years about the issues that business owners have in the county. I know he is a man of great integrity."

Jerry Wright, Plymouth

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