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Brian Oneto would like to thank supporters for endorsing him as Amador County District 5 Supervisor. It is with your help and suggestions that District 5, and Amador County as a whole, will continue to thrive under conservative, common-sense leadership.

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"Amador County residents of District 5 are fortunate to have Brian Oneto as their representative. Supervisor Oneto has good judgment and works hard for his district."
Congressman Tom McClintock

"Supervisor Oneto has consistently served his district and Amador County extremely well."
State Senator Tom Berryhill

"I am proud to endorse Supervisor Oneto for District 5. Brian is knowledgeable on the issues and a proven champion for the great folks that call Amador County home."
State Assemblyperson, Frank Bigelow

Joan Edson, Pine Grove 
Howard Edson, Pine Grove
Larry Becker, Plymouth
Anne Heissenbuttel, Pine Grove
John Heissenbuttel, Pine Grove
Janet Williams, Plymouth
Earl Williams, Plymouth
Diana Hanson, Volcano
Craig Hanson, Volcano
Jeffrey Cartwright, Plymouth

"Brian Oneto supports small businesses and fights against more restrictions and regulations. Join us in voting for Brian as our District 5 Supervisor!"

Lonnie and Lydia LeBel, Sutter Creek
Amador Creamery Celebrating 39 years as a small business in Amador County

Lacy Patten, Volcano
Tom Patten, Volcano
Paula Gunter, Drytown
Gene Gunter, Drytown
Linda Miller, Plymouth
Bob Miller, Plymouth
Carol Scarrone, Plymouth
Melvin Cossairt, Plymouth
Jeanne Deaver, Plymouth
Ken Deaver, Plymouth
Irene Mason, Drytown
Jim Spinetta, Plymouth
Catherine Cowan, Plymouth
Rob Cowan, Plymouth
Lloyd Pendleton, Volcano

"Brian is working hard to protect tax payers and is a superb advocate for Amador's agriculture and wine industries."

Bill Braun, Plymouth

Helen Glage, Plymouth
Kelly Zaccaria, Fiddletown
Chuck Zaccaria, Fiddletown
Richard Bohn, Fiddletown
Shirley Helmer-Lampson, River Pines
Dorothy McCammond, Fiddletown
Wayne McCammond, Fiddletown
Marti Mondana, Plymouth

"Brian Oneto - proven leadership for District 5. His representation on agricultural issues is tried and true."

Don Potter, Plymouth

Lin Sanders, Fiddletown
Rick Sanders, Fiddletown
Michael T. McEnroe,  Amador City
Andy Assereto, Volcano
Janet Croce, Volcano
John Croce, Volcano

"Brian has always been very open and willing to work on any issues brought forth. He has worked hard to keep Amador County a rural community to live in. Brian is always open to suggestions, solutions and action. I support re-electing Brian Oneto for District 5 Supervisor."

Rich Martin, Plymouth
Former Vice Mayor, City of Plymouth
Former Battalion Chief, Amador Fire District
Current EMT in Amador County
Life long resident

Katie Garfinkel, Plymouth
Jim Garfinkel, Plymouth
Dick Yost, Volcano
Tammy Anderson, Sutter Creek
Jim Anderson, Sutter Creek
Marilyn McDanel, Fiddletown
Carl McDanel, Fiddletown

"We recently moved to District 5 in Amador County and were faced with an issue.  As our Supervisor, Brian Oneto was very accessible and represented us well."
  John and Mercedes Somerville, Plymouth

Helen Garibaldi, Sutter Creek
Peter Garibaldi, Sutter Creek
Donna Oakleaf, River Pines
Larry Becker, Plymouth
Tammy Anderson, Sutter Creek
Jim Anderson, Sutter Creek
Lila Grover, Plymouth
Howard Grover, Plymouth

"As individuals we have a responsibility to our community. Brian has shown his willingness to support the efforts of individuals and community projects to improve Amador County. He has been responsive to our questions with knowledgeable and timely feedback. We support Brian for Supervisor of the 5th District.

The LaBuda's, Sutter Creek

"I have reiterated before that Brian Oneto works hard as our District 5 Supervisor inside and beyond the farm gate. Since 1852, my family has been farming in Amador County. Angela and I know that Brian takes steps to ensure success for agricultural endeavors and protection of our rights."

Jim and Angela Spinetta, Shenandoah Valley

Brad and Suzanne Van Spanje, Plymouth
Joe Coughlin, Drytown
Graci Gunter, Plymouth
Tamara Hobbick, Plymouth
Brian Hobbick, Plymouth
Ed Westjohn, Volcano
Heather Stroback, Volcano
Edwin Lawson, Plymouth
Eric Sauer, Drytown,
Lynette Nelson, Drytown

"Brian Oneto looks out for the interest of our young families and supports community events."

Marni and Michael Piatnik, Fiddletown

Terry Sanders, Volcano
M.E. Wrigley-McCollum, Volcano
B. Layne McCollum, Volcano
Terry Coulter, Plymouth
Patricia Shackleton, Plymouth
Zelma Veteto, Plymouth

"Brian Oneto has my full support for District 5 Supervisor. He genuinely has the best interest and overall experience to lead Amador County into the future."

Ella Bender, Volcano

Mary Ghormley, Drytown
Dixie Booth, Plymouth
Jenny Bolin, Sutter Creek
Phillip Bolin, Sutter Creek
Carl Brown, Jr, Volcano
Joe Ferrani, Volcano
Bill Hoffman, Plymouth
Tracy Hoyt, Plymouth
Gareth Hoyt, Plymouth
John Giannini, Sutter Creek
Susie Finch, Plymouth
Dwayne Littlefield, Plymouth
Steve Crocker, Drytown
Devon Hand, Volcano
David Hand, Volcano


"Brian is the guy who is there when you need him!"

Rocky Raymond, River Pines

Anna J. Lawrence, Plymouth
Lawrence Murphy, Pine Grove
Gloria Scharein, Sutter Creek
Perley Schmidt, Jr., River Pines
Garth Hoyt, Plymouth
Carle Colapietro, Plymouth
Ben Huntsman, Plymouth
Lucy Ruelas, Plymouth
Debra Lee, Volcano

"It has been a pleasure and a blessing to have known Brian and his family for over 20 years. He is an honest man with traditional values who will do his darndest to treat everyone with respect and fairness. I believe he is an asset to the ever changing and growing Amador County. We are honored to endorse him for his re-election for County Supervisor."

Stevens and Jan Price, Pioneer

David Helwig, Plymouth
Mary E. Welshans, Fiddletown
Michael Gardner, River Pines
Elizabeth Whittington, Volcano
Herman Whittington, Volcano
Fran White, Plymouth
Marcia Cole, Plymouth
John Bergeron, Pine Grove
Janet Bergeron, Pine Grove


"Brian has always been interested in the Amador wineries and we have met and talked over the years about the issues that business owners have in the county. I know he is a man of great integrity."

Jerry Wright, Plymouth

Mike Wunschel, Plymouth
Brooke Wunschel, Plymouth
Richard Utley, Plymouth
Amy White, Plymouth
Ronald Tassano, Pine Grove
Barbara Tassano, Pine Grove
Shawn Compton, Volcano
Thom Maestretti, Fiddletown
Bruce Moody, Plymouth
Janet Moody, Plymouth
Juliene Hiatt, River Pines
Gloria Manus, Pine Grove
Bob Lewis, Pine Grove
Amber Blake, River Pines
Jason Smith, Plymouth

"As a lifelong resident of Amador County and a local business owner, I support Brian for his conservative values, his understanding and support of small business and the important role it plays in rural California and the future of Amador."

Jeff Campbell, Campbell Construction Company, Sutter Creek

Frederick Wontorek, Fiddletown
Sheila Wontorek, Fiddletown
Earl Williams, Plymouth
Janet Williams, Plymouth
Carol Sleeper, Plymouth
Bob Sleeper, Plymouth
Alan Hiatt, Fiddletown
Marie Scofield, Fiddletown
Ron Scofield, Fiddletown
Rocky Raymond, River Pines
Nell Raymond, River Pines
Paul Schmitz, Plymouth
Pam Benson, Plymouth
Bill Cramer, Sutter Creek
Bernadette Cramer, Sutter Creek

"Brian Oneto is someone who stands up for us, especially in supporting our veterans!"

Floyd Martin, Pioneer
*Amador County Veteran Services Officer (Ret.)
Past State Commander American Legion

Terry Moore, Plymouth
Dan Dentone, Plymouth
Joe Mock, Plymouth
Janet White, Fiddletown
Ron White, Fiddletown
Irene Mason, Plymouth
Lorene Cutsinger, Plymouth
Letha Tatro, Volcano
Ted Tatro, Volcano
Linda McCue, Plymouth
James McCue, Plymouth
Kristi Conley, Plymouth
Barbara Nicholson, Plymouth
Diane Logan, Plymouth
David Logan, Plymouth
Alfred Steen, Plymouth
Andy Assereto, Volcano
Deja Howarth, Volcano
Luke Jorgensen, Pioneer
Sabrina Turner, Fiddletown
Dale Turner, Fiddletown
Larry Dold, Volcano
Danny Radusinovich, Pine Grove
Don J. VanFossan, Volcano
Don D. VanFossan, Volcano
Mary VanFossan, Volcano
David Guimont, Pioneer
Allan Dowlat, Sutter Creek
Jill Dowlat, Sutter Creek
Dani Dunfee, River Pines
Kim Dunfee, River Pines

"Brian Oneto is the leadership and representation that Amador County needs for retaining its identity and way of life. Too many towns have been run over by political agendas and exploitation. Amador County is a success story with Oneto."

Austin Ford, Fiddletown
Small Businessman

America Rees, Volcano
Nick Kane, Fiddletown
Raymond Glavich, Fiddletown
Don Nunley, Fiddletown
Jenny Bolin, Sutter Creek
Phil Bolin, Sutter Creek
Scott Morford, Fiddletown
Herb Harding, Fiddletown
Liz Harding, Fiddletown
Neldia Evans, Sutter Creek
Kristi Conley, Plymouth
Suzon Haley, Plymouth
Joanne MaClachlan, Volcano
Nora Nicholson, Volcano

"I'm voting for Brian because I trust him."

Nick Nicholson, Volcano

"I think Brian has done a very good job for District 5 and Amador County. I hope he will be able to continue serving us."

Dan Slater, Fiddletown
Past President, Fiddletown Community Center

"Firefighters vote ONETO"

Kris Mittelstadt, Volcano

Marilyn Seratte, Plymouth
Raymond Estey, Plymouth
Larry Tober, Drytown
Denise Tober, Drytown
Richard Broderson, Volcano
Juliana Broderson, Volcano
Jeremiah Gladen, Volcano
Billie Pruett, Sutter Creek
Rickey Pruett, Sutter Creek
Mike Henry, Sutter Creek
Becky Henry, Sutter Creek

"I worked for our road department for 33 years. Brian Oneto understood our roads and what was needed to be done and he was right! We have a good supervisor in Mr. Oneto - keep him."

Ivan Pearson, Plymouth
Public Works Department, Assistant Foreman, Ret.

"Brian Oneto has honorable attributes including trustworthiness and is approachable to all."

Janet White, Plymouth
*Amador County School Board


John Bergeron, Pine Grove
Jeff Ysmael, Plymouth
April Ysmael, Plymouth
Clydette Gunter, Plymouth
Vonley Stacher, Plymouth
Joanne Kerner, Plymouth
Fred Thomason, Plymouth
W. Forrest Schwabe, Plymouth
Patricia Ritson, Plymouth
Lisa Vose, Plymouth
Pat Park, Plymouth
Doloresiei V. Chang, Fiddletown
Linda Alioto, Fiddletown
Nicole Vaith, Plymouth
E.R. Cardenas, River Pines
Jerry Willis, Fiddletown
Ted Harden, Fiddletown
Andy Gipson, Fiddletown
Jerry Wolever, Volcano
Lucreatia Asher, River Pines

"I've been honored to work with Brian on various projects including fuel reduction in our forests and tree mortality. Both issues are a huge public safety concern and Brian has consistently supported these efforts. Keep up the good fight, Brian!"

Jan Bray
Natural Resources Specialist

Kerry Lockwood, Pioneer
Dick Lockwood, Pioneer
George Lee, Fiddletown
Leah Lee, Fiddletown
Dan McGee, Volcano
Kelly McGee, Volcano
Gene Swanner, Pine Grove
Richard Urban, Volcano
Diane Urban, Volcano
Kathleen Vicini, Plymouth
Mark Bennett, Pine Grove
June Baber, Volcano
Linda McCrort, Fiddletown
Rusty Folena, Plymouth
Deja Howarth, Volcano
Gary Sherrill, Sutter Creek
Judy Sherrill, Sutter Creek
Ivan E. Kyles, Jr., Plymouth
Rusty Folena, Plymouth
Sandra Cardoza, Pine Grove
Floy Grace, Sutter Creek
Tim Huber, Pine Grove
Dina Mazick, Plymouth
Freda Thurlkill, Volcano
Brandon Sack, Volcano
Rick Miller, River Pines

"Amador County is a well run county. Fiscally, Brian applies sensible budgeting, like a home or business should be run. He is a good steward."

Dick Yost
Retired law enforcement; Small businessman

"I confidently recommend Brian Oneto for Amador County District 5 Supervisor. Brian works to improve fire and emergency services in the county. If you want to see honest people in government, join me in supporting Brian Oneto for District 5 Supervisor."

Justin Yelinek
Career Amador Firefighter

"Join me in voting for Brian Oneto as District 5 Supervisor. He has been there for us, now let's be there for him."

Rick Vicini, Plymouth

Welcomed Endorsements from Outside of District 5

"I do not live in District 5, but have witnessed Brian's dedication to Amador County numerous times. I appreciate and admire his work ethics, his listening abilities, and his clear sense of knowing right from wrong. He has my full support."

Cathy Vanderford, Jackson
"Brian has been working for the best interest of the county and the interests of all residents. He and his family are deep rooted and want nothing but the best for all of us. Stop experimenting with unqualified candidates."

Gary and Jean Dorall, Pioneer

Harry Kohaut, Ione
Jan Bray, Jackson
Rick Keith, Ione
Rick Wagstaff, Pine Grove
Teresa Wagstaff, Pine Grove
Dennis Sanders, Ione
Marcia Sanders, Ione
Virginia Manner, Pine Grove
Dennis Manner, Pine Grove
W. David Wardall, Ione
Charles E. Dudley, Jr., Jackson
Terry Nielson, Pine Grove
Earl Curtis, Pioneer
Rich Stevens, Volcano
Jon Campbell
Dave Nicholson, Mt. Aukum
Ron Edgar, Sutter Creek
Bob Wolin, Jackson
Mike Blake, Jackson
Jodi Meyers, El Dorado
Justin Trick, Herald


"I am endorsing Brian because he is a proven leader who has worked tirelessly to represent the same conservative policies and values my family and I cherish and are working to further instill in the hearts of our own children. Vote Oneto!"

Joel Mottishaw, Jackson

Al Lennox
*General Manager American Legion Ambulance Service
Past President American Legion Post 108
National Executive Committee Member
State Commander, American Legion

"I have had the pleasure to get to know Brian on a personal level over the past few years. I am proud to endorse him for District 5 County Supervisor. Our local government needs people like Brian to maintain strong values/integrity in Amador County."

Thomas Kirbride, Ione

"I have worked with Brian for most of his tenure on several county wide committees including the Amador County Transportation Commission, of which he is Chairperson. Transportation planning and funding is very complex and requires significant teamwork between the Cities' and the County representatives in order to provide the "best result for the most people." Brian consistently promotes creative, cost effective solutions to the transportation and fiscal challenges facing Amador County. He has proven he has the leadership skills, personal integrity and experience necessary to help Amador County continue to prosper."

Tim Murphy, Sutter Creek
*Sutter Creek City Councilperson

"Amador County is a marvelous destination for our family. We enjoy it for it's traits and traditions, these must be preserved as Brian Oneto has committed to and consistently worked for. We trust Brian Oneto."

Austin Ford, San Carlos
Frequent visitor to Amador County

"We support Oneto, District 5! Why? His continued wise and vital, fiscal responsible decisions. Brian has demonstrated respect and compassion for all people and businesses of District 5 and all other districts. He is supportive of county greatness through 4H, Vintners, the County Fair, families, seniors and emergency services and of our bill of rights. Oneto-YES!"

Dennis & Virginia Manners, Pine Grove

*Title for identification purposes only

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