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Supporting Agriculture

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Amador County's historic and scenic vineyards and wineries, family farms, and ranches are the backbone and essence of our community and our way of life. These endeavors are what keep our countryside beautiful.

As a farmer and rancher, Brian understands the harm needless governmental regulations cause our farming operations and local farming jobs. He has been a strong advocate for smaller government.

As our Supervisor, Brian stood up for agriculture and helped pass a permitting process which made it easier and more affordable to build ag-buildings. Brian also stopped efforts to ban sea-land containers farmers and businesses use to store critical equipment.

Amador County was mandated by State law to implement the CUPA program. Brian worked hard to produce a workable solution which gave exemptions to Amador County's businesses and farmers. If this hadn't been done the CUPA program would have been an extreme burden to our businesses.

Brian successfully opposed yet another "one size fits all" State regulation - AB 885 - which would have added excessive regulations on septic systems. Implementation of AB 885, as proposed, would have been extremely expensive and burdensome to Amador County farms, households, and businesses. Brian lobbied for less restrictive policies which were put in place.

Brian Oneto strongly believes in protecting farmland, including the Right to Farm Ordinance, the Williamson Act and protecting our historic water rights.

If we don't support our local family farms, our open spaces and scenic beauty will be jeopardized.


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